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Hi, I am 
Tsikki Thau

Your Stress Management Expert and Manifestation Queen


What I Specialize in...



Stress management



Personal/Corporate Mentorship


The Sukha Co.

Join Tsikki's community on The Sukha – the best new productivity website – where she could coach you and help you manifest your dreams. Try it for FREE and see amazing results fast.

Meet Tsikki

Top Stress Management Expert

Tsikki Thau is an Internationally acclaimed Author, Meditation, and Stress Management expert, with over 30 years of experience worldwide. A featured expert on Fox 5 ‘The More Show”, Channel 13, Channel 3, Live to Give TV, Edutainment TV, The Ed Bernstein Show, Spotlight on Vegas Business, P.O.W.E.R. Magazine, MyVegas Magazine, and Real Vegas Magazine. Tsikki Thau is considered a foremost authority in mind-over-body techniques, merging science with holistic methods in order to overcome stress related obstacles. 


" Choose a great cause to change your life and let your life be the demonstration of your great cause."

Tsikki Thau

"Tsikki Thau’s bright inner light and zest for life shines through everything she does in such a beautiful way.  To meet Tsikki is to find an instant champion; a champion who is enthusiastic and encouraging in helping you accomplish goals or overcome obstacles, and who offers a wonderful sense of calm that is an oasis in any storm..." 

- Rebecca Eldridge, Television Producer

"Tsikki Thau... Our energies first met on a zoom. My soul knew instantly that Tsikki was a gifted forcefield.  In that moment, she captured my heart for all eternity. When we  finally met years later, we were spiritually and literally joined at my hip through the warmth of her healing hands. The experience had us both in tears and was nothing short of emotionally overwhelmingly indescribable..."

- Kelly Mattone, MD, NYC Cosmetic Physician

"Tsikki Thau, A desirable, uplifting and bright personality, Tsikki Thau has a presence unlike any I have ever met. She has the perfect balance of being vocal about situations that are dear to her and those around her with honesty, grace and gratitude yet has a way of exalting radiant constructive light to every situation..."

- Kyle Viljoen, BRAVO - Below Deck Mediterranean

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