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Meet Tsikki

A Stress Management Expert

Tsikki Thau is an Internationally acclaimed Meditation and Stress Management expert, with over 30 years of experience worldwide. A featured expert on Fox 5 ‘The More Show”, Channel 13, Channel 3, Live to Give TV, Edutainment TV, The Ed Bernstein Show, Spotlight on Vegas Business, P.O.W.E.R. Magazine, MyVegas Magazine, and Real Vegas Magazine. Tsikki Thau is considered a foremost authority in mind-over-body techniques, merging science with holistic methods in order to overcome stress related obstacles.

Tsikki is the visionary behind S.N.A.P. - an instant stress relief method, The Will Power Seminar, The Essential Journal and Vibe-Up, all proven, scientifically-based technologies designed to reprogram the mind to achieve a positive state of being. Tsikki’s mentorship and guidance has transformed the lives of clients of all ages, worldwide.

Tsikki’s ultimate vision is to implement a stress management and meditation curriculum in education systems and corporations worldwide to eliminate stress and anxiety and promote positive ways of thinking. She dedicates countless hours of her time to enrich the lives of members in her community and throughout the world. In acknowledgment of her community service, Tsikki has received several awards, including: Global Icon 2023 (CIAC Global), Top Stress Management Expert of the Year 2023 (IAOTP), the Give-Back Award (News Channel 13), Top Stress Management Expert (P.O.W.E.R. Magazine), The Beauty in, Beauty Out (BIBO) Award for Outstanding Holistic and Emotional Support, Heroes’ of Today Making a Difference through the Pandemic (Live to Give TV), Children’s Stress Management Expert (Edutainment TV), Las Vegas Magazine "Women Who Wow" Stress Management Expert, WODA Women of Distinction Award in Education Category, The Best of Las Vegas Holistic Excellence Award, and the Las Vegas Small Business Excellence Award Credentials: Creator & Master Instructor of S.N.A.P - Instant Stress Relief Technique. Stress Management Expert featured on Fox 5 News BIBO Award "Outstanding Holistic and Emotional Award" Exclusive writer for MYVegas Magazine Featured Expert on the Ed Bernstein Show.
Tsikki Thau’s Heartbeat Meditation combines guided imagery, sound therapy, energy psychology, and science of breath techniques to treat insomnia, stress, trauma, and all physical, emotional, and spiritual matters of the heart.


Tsikki Thau is a featured author in MyVegas Magazine as well as Fox 5, Channel 13, Channel 3, The Ed Bernstein Show, 702ROX & Spotlight on Vegas Business.

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