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Over the years, Tsikki has helped many people overcome obstacles in their life in be their best selves by living and manifesting their dreams into reality. These are only some of the many testimonials she has received...

Rebecca Eldridge, Television Producer

Tsikki Thau’s bright inner light and zest for life shines through everything she does in such a beautiful way. To meet Tsikki is to find an instant champion; a champion who is enthusiastic and encouraging in helping you accomplish goals or overcome obstacles, and who offers a wonderful sense of calm that is an oasis in any storm. Tsikki’s message of being kind to ourselves, along with her creative and original techniques for managing stress and improving happiness, have earned her a huge base of loyal fans and clients.  Her message is one we need and will always benefit from in our lives.

Kelly Mattone, MD, NYC Cosmetic Physician

Tsikki Thau... Our energies first met on a zoom. My soul knew instantly that Tsikki Thau was a gifted forcefield.  In that moment, she captured my heart for all eternity. 
When we  finally met years later, we were spiritually and literally joined at my hip through the warmth of her healing hands. The experience had us both in tears and was nothing short of emotionally  overwhelmingly indescribable. In a room full of women and a slew of crew, cameras and microphones,  it was the most intensely private, intimate, truthful and insightful  raw palpable exchange of energy.
Albert Einstein said, “ Energy can not be created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another.”
Tsikki Thau’s energy deeply changed the energy in me, for all eternity.

Gabrielle Reimann
(US Army Veteran)

I came to Tsikki Thau nearly a decade ago as a US Army Veteran with severe PTSD. I had sought healing from a myriad of medical and holistic modalities; all of which provided some benefit, yet, nothing came close to the life-altering transformation I would receive from Tsikki. Tsikki Thau is the embodiment of wisdom, compassion, strength, humility, and unconditional love. Her gifts surpass that of any other expert in her field. With over thirty years of professional experience, Tsikki is celebrated as a foremost authority in stress management and personal development. Her accolades are many as her role extends globally, transforming the lives of all who come in her path. Her guided meditations, science of breath therapies, mind-over-body techniques, stress management tools, and trauma support enabled me to transform in ways I never even dreamed possible. I credit everything profoundly beautiful in my life to the unparalleled guidance Tsikki has provided to me and to countless others. My greatest desire is that all of humanity has the opportunity to transform from Tsikki’s profound wisdom.

Kyle Viljoen, BRAVO - Below Deck Mediterranean

Tsikki Thau, A desirable, uplifting and bright personality, Tsikki Thau has a presence unlike any I have ever met. She has the perfect balance of being vocal about situations that are dear to her and those around her with honesty, grace and gratitude yet has a way of exalting radiant constructive light to every situation. Watching her in a sea of people she sure knows how to bring the positive attributes and demeanor out within her and it naturally just fills the room and touches every individual! Remarkable and impeccable are just a glimpse into what I would describe Tsikki Thau as! 

Victoria Wieck, Jewelry Designer. On Air Guest Designer on ShopHQ Formerly on HSN

Tsikki is an extraordinary stress management expert who can deliver real results for real people. She’s acquired unique skills to help you navigate complex and difficult challenges over a lifetime of learning, caring, and helping others. In a world full of coaches, therapists, counselors, and healers, Tsikki stands out with her authenticity, armed with practical tips and solutions to enrich your life. Tsikki is the friend everyone needs, and I’m so honored to be her friend.

Debra Newell,
Surviving Dirty John

Tsikki is an amazing person & has helped me through obstacles pertaining to my children & love life. Her perception has given me peace and strength. I would recommend her to anyone, her knowledge is invaluable. I’m so grateful to have her as my friend & confidant.

Guy Dunlap, Professional Poker Player

My experience with Tsikki can be described as nothing less than a miracle. Her guidance and wisdom has been an invaluable tool in my life. I moved to Las Vegas four years ago to further my career as a professional poker player. Three years ago my interactions with Tsikki began and during this time she taught me numerous prevalent and diverse strategies to further my success in both my inner and outer world. Tsikki is an angel, an incarnation of love, and a modern day guru. I know this from first hand experience and I look forward to discovering more of what she has to offer.


Dear Tsikki, 10 years ago I prayed and I prayed for the universe to show me a way, to give me a sign and to help me change my ways in order for me to feel alive again. Some how the next day I came across your ad and without thinking twice I booked my first session with you and ever since then my life has not been the same. An angel lead me to you and that’s exactly who you have been in my life, a beautiful angel. I love you so much! Not only because you have helped me survive and overcome depression and many obstacles in my life but you have held my hand every step of the way and walked with me through life as I turned from a young girl into the woman I am today. I have found my strength, my voice, my inner power, my self value and most of all my true self through your teachings. I want to THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! There are no words to express YOU, Thank you for all that you do not only for me but for everyone you come in contact with. Your gift is truly indescribable. I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU AND I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! 

Carla Harding

I met Tsikki via Instagram and we became fast friends! She has the best tips for relaxation and stress management! She is filled with love and light and it really extends out to everyone she encounters. I just joined her meditation class on Saturdays and I can already feel a different with how less tense my body feels. She is a true treasure and I'm so so blessed to know her and to call her my friend. And beyond grateful for her inspiration. Thank you, Tsikki! Love you lots!! 

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